10 Most Popular Meta Quest Games Available To Play Right Now

Many gamers love to play Meta Games. If you are searching for the top Meta Quest Games to play, then you are reading the best article. Let’s check out the top 10 Mets Quest Games.

1. SuperHot VR

The beginning of SuperHot VR is a ‘flat’ game. The VR version remains the best method to play the game. SuperHot VR is a unique game based on a simple concept. It will make you feel incredibly cool. There are no regenerating health bars and conveniently placed ammo drops.

SuperHot VR needs your full attention as it is filled with incoming fire and bullet-time style.

2. Moss

Moss is a production of Stress Level Zero. It is a single-user game that supports standing, sitting, and room-scale player modes. The game will release this summer. The Moss: Book II is created on the story set forth in Moss. Quill rescued her uncle Argus. Quill’s adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant is hunting her within the hexed castle. Once her uncle held her captive in this hexed castle. Quill has her own plan. She wants to end the merciless rule of the Arcane and save the world from a great unmaking. In order to succeed in the plan, Quill will need a true partner by her side. You will be the partner of Quill.

3. Population: One

Population One

Population: One is one of the best VR games. It is a multiplayer, first-person shooter, and battle royale game. The game is filled with many incredible moments that you won’t experience anywhere else. 

You and your squad are sent down to a map that is filled with guns and gears to scavenge. You need to square off against the rival squads in order to become the last team to stand. When the game flows, your safe zone becomes smaller. There is a high possibility of running into someone that wants you dead becomes. Population: One offers unparalleled vertical freedom and mobility with its unique Vertical combat System. You can fly through the map to rain down bullets from above and climb anything you see to get the high ground advantage.

4. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one of the impressive VR games that will come for Quest 2. The first chapter of this game was released two years ago. Millions of gamers have carved a path through its undead-infested streets either to condemn New Orleans or to save it. Now. Skydance Interactive is ready to release The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2 later this year. The changed New Orleans is more dangerous than before. You are going to face rotting face with the undead, armed with guns, blades, and fists. Also will face lots of surprises that won’t be good at all times. You must be careful as choices matter now more than ever.

5. Bonelab

Stress Level Zero is the developer of Bonelab. It is one of the most realistic and immersive VR games since its launch. Bonelab is developed for both Quest 2 and PC VR. It builds on its predecessor, pairing a brand new story with two years of innovation and interaction engine progress. 

When playing the game, you will be in a mysterious underground lab. You must uncover the truth about your reality, run, fight, and climb as you explore an exquisitely detailed combat simulation. All the objects react in the way that you exactly needed. You need to be creative to handle the game. The mod support allows you to improve the experience with new maps, new avatars, and new weapons. 

Keep an eye on the store for an update. Bonelab will release later this year.


According to StatusPro reveal, NFL PRO ERA is the first officially-licensed NFL game to hit VR. It uses NFL game data to create the most authentic on-the-field NFL VR experience. You can lead the team to a Super Bowl, Play catch virtually with friends in your favorite NFL Stadium, and enhance QB skills by attending drills. Run the offense, Read the defense, and make the play just like the pro do on Sundays. NFL Pro Era allows you to lead the team to a Super Bowl and improve skills by participating in drills. You can play catch with friends in an NFL stadium. The released date for NEL PRO ERA is announced as Fall 2022.

7. Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2

Red Matter ended on a cliffhanger. As all of us expect, Red Matter 2 will be an unforgettable hit. Vertical Robot is the developer of Re Matter 2. It is planned to be released on 18th August 2022. 

Red Matter 2 has started from the previous game left off. It is the story of the way people trapped in a reality designed by their rulers, rebel against their destiny and fight to do the right. You can explore a fully interactive world created to improve the feeling of immersion in virtual reality. Your tools will help to solve environmental, physics, and logic puzzles while enjoying the beautiful, fully physicalized environments. The hacking tool will help to access terminals, collect information, and clear the path. Becoming too confident is not suitable for the game. You must be ready to fight when you least expect it.

8. Nerf Ultimate Championship

Nerf Ultimate Championship is a competitive multiplayer game that is developed by Secret Location. It will be released on the 25th of August, 2022. The game will be a competitive multiplayer title with a mix of first-person shooter and parkour gameplay. The player can sprint, shoot, double jump, and wall run with ‘energy enhanced battle shoes.’ There is a practice area for parkour moves. There is a ‘Blaster Zone’ to practice shooting the various types of Nerf guns.

Motorized blasters like those are good for sustained fire but want some wind-up time and priming blasters that are suitable for letting out single shots with little delay are available for the gamers. The trailer reveals three team-based competitive modes across different maps. Those three are the Colosseum map where the teams will fight over one central control point, a la TF2’s King of the Hill Mode, Mesa map which is similar to the previous but plays out more like TF2’s classic control point mode, and Control Point mode where there is only one control point in which both teams will be rotating around the map to maintain control of three. But the developer says additional maps, guns, and game modes are available for gamers.

9. Super Kit: To The Top

Super Kit: To The Top is developed by Electric Hat Games. No exact releasing date has been announced for this game. Though the development team has not revealed so much information about the game, it is clear that Super Kit is focusing again on high-flying parkour along with some combat elements and some very slick-looking environments. It is similar to Jet Set Radio, The Climb 2, and Mirror’s Edge. 

Super Kit: To The Top is expected to come with at least 35 levels having multiple challenges and modes available to both solo and multiplayer users. The trailer reveals that there will be plenty of tricks in the game, allowing for wall-running, ground-pounding, shooting, superhuman jumps, and more. 

10. Tea for God

Void Room has developed the meta game ‘Tea for God’. It is planning to release in late 2022. The game uses impossible spaces with procedural generation to allow players infinite movements within their own places. You can customize the gameplay anything between a relaxing long walk, an intense arcade shooter, and a rogue-lite shooter-explorer. It will be an incredible game for you to explore.

To sum up

Many gamers love meta games. For them, 2022 is a great year. The article contains the best meta games that you can play this year. select the best meta game to play and enjoy.

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