Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Update Brings Lots Of New Features

Sea of Thieves is an online action-adventure game launched in 2018 and was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. It is an adventurous pirate experience packed with sailing, exploring, treasure hunting, and many more. You have everything in your hands to be a pirate, just the way you wanted! Here, you suppose you are a pirate and complete voyages from different trading companies. The ultimate goal is this game is to become a pirate legend!

Sea Of Thieves Season 7

So, what’s the good news?

Here is the wonderful news to all of you pirates out there! The Sea of Thieves Season 7 was released on August 4th, 2022! A few days before the launch, the game handle had confirmed this on Twitter. 

Wait! The good news is not over yet pirates! With the Sea of Thieves Season 7, the game’s greatest updates in the history of the sea of thieves had come too! If you remember, in the previous seasons of the Sea of Thieves, you had limited time events, a boatload of challenges, cosmetic items, and narrative adventures. But now, with the new updates in Season 7, they have some fantastic features, and you have a lot to look forward to.

Season 7 – New Updates and Features

The Sea of Thieves Season 7’s update has been emphasized, especially with its captaincy features, which offer you additional ways to be a legendary pirate in this game. These captaincy features include,

  • Acquire your very own captain’s ship
  • Naming your ship
  • Captain your ship
  • Have more control
  • Customize your swashbuckler adventures 

Earlier in this game, you had to get a ship with a size you like, and then you could change your boat with the cosmetics available. But now, you can acquire your captain’s ship by exchanging gold coins for it. Plus, you can give it a name of your choice and customize it as you wish.

Further information you’d better know about the Captaincy Features 

Purchasing your Ship

Captain’s ships come in three main sizes. And of them has its prices, which you can pay in gold coins.

  1. Captain’s sloop – 250k gold coins
  2. Captain’s brigantine – 375k gold coins
  3. Captain’s galleon – 500k gold coins

You can acquire the ship of your choice, considering all its features, plus, of course, the price too. You will only need to buy each ship only once. And then, once you have purchased the boat, it will be added to your character.

Naming your ship

One important thing you should know when it comes to naming ships is that it’s completely free when you name your ship for the first time. However, in case, if you change your mind and want to rename your ship, you will have to buy a ‘Ship Renaming Deed’. It would cost around $5, and you will have to pay with the game’s real currency; the Ancient Coins.

Customizing your ship

So, this is all up to you because it is your own ship! You could customize it in the way you want, my dear pirate! 

You can portraits, trinkets, etc., to your ship as well. And all of them can be received with another new feature; the Milestone’s system. This tracks your highlights in swashbuckling. If your choice is to have them, your ship’s signs of damage and destruction will remain along your journey in this game too. Some of you may prefer to have a flawless look for your while. At the same time, the others may like to have damage and scars on their ships. Certainly, they may feel like those scars reflect their bravery and respect. But it’s all up to you to decide what to do because it’s your ship.

Here are more features!

Once you have completed step one, purchasing your ship, you have the key to enter this fantasy world of pirates! So, when you enter the game, the Pirate Lord will greet you, and there will also be a tutorial for you to have an idea about all other captain features available.

Of the new captain features, the best ones are the availability of stocking your ship at the Shipwright’s Shop where you can have offerings namely, wood, fruits, meat, and cannonballs. And the second is the ability where you can give your loot to an NPC group. Here, they will do all the difficult tasks related to the loot for you. The good news is that this allows stopping the ship once more for things like crates, skulls, etc. One more important thing to remember here is that they will only do their business with the Captains.

As a captain, you should probably be able to get your stuff as soon as possible. So, here are the prices of some of the supplies. This would indeed help you when stocking up.

  • Wood – 2.5k gold coins 
  • Cannonballs – 3.5k gold coins
  • Throwables – 35k gold coins 
  • Fruit – 3.5k gold coins
  • Meat – 2.5k gold coins
  • Bait – 3.5k gold coins

The pirate emporium

You can add more color to your ship in this emporium, the shop of ancient coins in the game. This is because you can find new cosmetics, portraits, and many more here.

What are the new additions to the pirate emporium?

So as said, here, you have to spend ancient coins to buy the items you want. And in season 7, they introduced many new features and items to the emporium. And this would surely grab the players’ attention more and would encourage them to spend more time in the game, find more coins, and buy what they want. So, here are some items that you, pirates, can buy in the pirate emporium. 

  • As mentioned before, you can acquire your ship here and name it too
  • Portable portrait emotes where the pirates can pose inside it. One emote will come free
  • Wrecker Wrangler Fishing Rod with a scary fish structure at the handle 
  • Plunder pass, which pirates can buy by spending 999 ancient coins. If your ship is customized with these, it gives a tropical theme to your boat. Plus, the costumes are unique too
  • Wrecker wrangler weapon bundle
  • Wrecker wrangler costume that gives the pirate a monstrous look and can be purchased for 999 ancient coins
  • wrecker wrangler ship
  • bilge rat weapon pose

There’s more!

In the sea of thieves season 7, 100 free rewards are in the plunder pass. Plus, for the players who buy a premium version of the game, there are 13 more options available. This would include the Baleful costume. This is in more styles on different levels, which can be unlocked further in the game as you play it. And, in level 100, players have the opportunity to earn Merrick’s iconic dagger, which is a cosmetic set that can be earned. It is themed after the hunter of Megalodons himself.

So, my dear pirates, why don’t you get aboard your ship and start your adventurous journey here, in the sea of thieves, with all its new features and updates waiting for you?

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